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Clue scrolls is an amazing plugin to use on your factions, survival, prison servers, and more! You can create clues in the config which are used on the scrolls. When a player completes all the clues of a scroll they will automatically receive their rewards which are defined with weights via commands. You can even create command rewards which are given to the player as an item and can be executed by the player upon interaction.

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KinderEggs is an exciting plugin to reward players of all types of servers. Pack them with various goodies for players to always be excited for. You can even create multiple variants of kinder eggs. For example, you could create a Christmas kinder egg with some festive rewards. They're the perfect item to sell in server shops or include with kits and ranks.

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SchematicShop is an amazing plugin which can be used for various scenarios. It's a must-have for any creative server in order to provide a simple and graphical way for users to save their schematics. Most notably, users may make their schematics public to be shared with all other users.

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