Clue scrolls is an amazing plugin to use on your factions, survival, prison servers, and more! You can create clues in the config which are used on the scrolls. When a player completes all the clues of a scroll they will automatically receive their rewards which are defined with weights via commands. You can even create command rewards which are given to the player as an item and can be executed by the player upon interaction.

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  • 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 and 1.13 support
  • Highly configurable
  • Create your own tiers
  • Create your own clues
  • Reward system to give items and execute commands
  • 73+ clue types
  • Full message customization
  • Developer scrolls API
  • Developer event API
  • Vault integration
  • Cool downs for scroll purchases
  • Customizable inventory
  • Purchase scrolls for experience or money
  • Cross out completed clues
  • Show only one clue at a time
  • Specify amount of clues on a scroll with ranges
  • Specify rewards with ranges
  • Make scrolls glow
  • Title bar notifications
  • Command tab auto-complete
  • Ability to not duplicate clues on a scroll
  • Ability to not duplicate rewards given from a scroll
  • Tier specific rewards
  • Ability to weight how common a reward is
  • Automatically updates files when you download a new version
  • WorldGuard, Towny, Votifier, ASkyBlock, ChatReaction, AutoSell, Vault, Boss, and MythicMobs integration.


Aliases: [cluescroll, cluescrolls]

  • /cluescroll - Open inventory
  • /cluescroll help - Help
  • /cluescroll give - Give a scroll to a player
  • /cluescroll giveall - Give a scroll to everyone online
  • /cluescroll reload - Reload all config files
  • /cluescroll additem - Add an item as a reward
  • /cluescroll addcommand - Add a command as a reward
  • /cluescroll removereward - Remove a reward
  • /cluescroll listrewards - List rewards
  • /cluescroll rewardinfo - Display info about a reward
  • /cluescroll getreward - Used to get a reward for debug purposes
  • /cluescroll resetcooldown - Reset cooldowns of specific identifiers or players. Useful for testing.


  • cluescroll.* -- Gives access to all plugin features
  • cluescroll.command.* -- Gives access to all commands
  • -- Gives access to the /cluescroll help command
  • cluescroll.command.reload -- Gives access to the /cluescroll reload command
  • cluescroll.command.give -- Gives access to the /cluescroll give command
  • cluescroll.command.give.others -- Gives access to the /cluescroll give [PlayerName] command
  • cluescroll.command.additem -- Gives access to the /cluescroll additem command
  • cluescroll.command.addcommand -- Gives access to the /cluescroll addcommand command
  • cluescroll.command.removereward -- Gives access to the /cluescroll removereward command
  • cluescroll.command.listrewards -- Gives access to the /cluescroll listrewards command
  • cluescroll.command.openinv -- Gives access to the /cluescroll openinv command
  • cluescroll.command.rewardinfo -- Gives access to the /cluescroll rewardinfo command
  • cluescroll.checkforupdates -- Alerts the player when updates to the plugin are available
  • cluescroll.command.giveall -- Gives access to the /cluescroll giveall command
  • cluescroll.command.getreward -- Gives access to the /cluescroll getreward command
  • cluescrol.command.resetcooldown -- Gives access to the /cluescroll resetcooldown command

How to Install

Installing Clue Scrolls is easy as can be. Follow the few steps below and you'll be all set.

  1. Purchase and download the ClueScrolls.jar.
  2. Upload the ClueScrolls.jar into your plugins folder.
  3. (Optional) - If you wish to use any features which involves the exchange of money, you will need vault. You can download and follow the instructions found here.
  4. Start/restart/reload your server. Default configuration files will automatically be generated at this point in your plugins/ClueScrolls/ directory.
  5. Read about the configuration files, clue creation, and adding rewards found below to configure the plugin exactly to your liking.
  6. Have fun! Feel free to PM or post to the discussion any issues you experience or recommendations you have for features.

Configuration Files

When the plugin loads for the files time, default configration files will automatically load. Use these files as a reference with their comments explaining parts of the configs. When you update cluescrolls, if there were any changes to the config, your current config will auotmiatcally backup in your ClueScrolls/backups directory and will automatically update to the newer format. Any missing messages in the messages file are added if missing.


Tier Creation

By default, cluescrolls comes with three tiers: commmon, special, and legendary.


  #The three default tiers. Note that they must be in lowercase in order to work.
  #Under each tier are its options such as it's clues, clueCount, etc.

To create a new tier, simply copy a tier from your config and paste it in with a new tier name. All tiers are located under the tiers configuration section.

  #To create this new tier, I copied the entire section of another tier such as the legendary tier
  #and then pasted it back into the list of tiers and gave it a unique name of rare

Now that you have copied a tier and all of its contents, you can configure it as normal and it will be available in game when the config is reloaded.

To work, tiers must be identified in all lowercase!

Clue Creation

There's so much you can do with cluescrolls and the creation of your own custom clues that an entire page has been dedicated to explaining all the possibilites! ClueScrolls offers more than 70 clues - 25+ of them are internal minecraft clues such as
the craft clue or the kill clue, and the remaining 45+ are external clues that hook into plugins such as MythicMobs, Votifier, Boss, and more!

Learn more about clue creation

Adding Rewards

There's two types of rewards: item and command. To add rewards, use the following commands.

/cluescrolls additem [Tier] [Name] [Weight]

/cluescrolls addcommand [Tier] [Name] [Weight] [Command]

Adding an item adds the item in your main hand to the rewards for the given tier.

When adding a command, you can use %player% to represent the player's name.

The higher the weight (can be any number, even above 100), the higher the chance of it being given as a reward.


Scroll Inventory

Currency Types

Rewards Inventory

Test Servers

Not convinvced yet that ClueScrolls is right for you? Try it out on the official test server!

Official Test Server (Versions 1.8-1.13.2)
Current ClueScroll files on demo: download


Tutorial coming soon for the two events and ClueScrollsAPI class. If you'd like to figure some things out yourself, the API docs can be found it. It should be fairly straight forward on how to use.


ClueScrolls collects usage data to assist the development. The data submited by these services is completely anynomous.

Metrics: (Added since first release)
bStats: (Less accurate. Added in v1.6.6) bStats is not currently working

Terms & Conditions

  • You are not allowed to resell this plugin
  • You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin in anyway
  • Charge backs are forbidden and will result in a ban of your spigot account
  • You may not use this on more than one server/network
  • No refunds
  • As the author, I am not required to provide updates (Although I always will)
  • Terms & Conditions may change at anytime without notice
  • Support will only be offered to an account that has purchased

If there is an error, your best course of action is to send a PM on spigotmc or post a comment with the stack trace in the discussion of the plugin before leaving a review and it will be fixed asap.

If you have any ideas/features you would like to be added to the plugin, just send a PM or leave them on the discussion page of the plugin.